Leadership Development Programs

  • Building leadership skills for the 21st century business world
  • Enabling strategic shifts in thinking and practical skill development
  • Driving skill application and sustainability through our action plan process
  • Increasing leadership and organizational effectiveness
Our Leadership Development Programs are intentionally designed to help you lead in the most effective and impactful way. There is a focus on how to drive results while building your agility and resilience.

You will find when you enhance how you are operating to meet today’s business challenges, you are leading smarter and operating with an increased confidence and overall well-being.


The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

You can advance your effectiveness as a leader by how you give and receive feedback. Giving and receiving feedback, both positive and constructive, is one of the greatest tools leaders have to drive performance and increase their impact. It also plays a significant role in career development and retention.

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Coaching Skills for Leaders

You can increase employee engagement, development and results by building your coaching skills as a leader. Engaging employees and driving accountability is a key skill of leadership. Yet research tells us that employee engagement levels are far from optimal in organizations.

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Mindful Leadership

You can optimize your focus and enhance your mental and emotional functioning by becoming a mindful leader. Where we place our attention has been said to be one of the greatest determinants of business success.

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Constructively Leveraging Conflict

You can constructively leverage conflict in how you lead. Mismanaged conflict can cause lost productivity, attrition, significant stress on employees and impact results. When conflict is managed well it can be a source of innovation and build strong working relationships.

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Leading Skillfully through Change and Innovation

You can create the way forward by how you lead. The pace of change, technology and market shifts, along with less of an ability to predict success is demanding we take leadership to a new level.

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Our Mission

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

Bill Gates
Our Mission at The Coaching Edge is to empower leaders to connect with their greater potential.  We help leaders operate from a place of conscious choice about how they are being with themselves, others and their environments.
A theme in our Leadership Development Programs is that while we teach you key skills of leadership, we also teach you how to learn in the moment which is one of the most important skills leaders can have today.
Which Leadership Development Programs would have the greatest impact on leadership effectiveness in your organization?
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