Case Study

Coaching Skills for Leaders


Creating a Coaching Culture

Their Situation

This national retailer had a goal of creating a coaching culture within their organization and wanted to begin by building an Internal Coach Community. Starting with a core group of 20 individuals, we steadily grew the community to over 50 with a cross-section of business leaders. As HR Business Partners were also seen as instrumental in influencing a coaching culture, initial participants were quick to recommend that they also become skilled in coaching.

The Methodology

The two day Coaching Skills for Leaders Program was initially delivered by The Coaching Edge to over 100 leaders, with the Internal Coach Community receiving an additional six-month practicum and personalized feedback to further advance their skills.

Based on the results of the program, Human Resources recommended we develop a Train-The-Trainer version of the program which could be deployed regionally by internal facilitators. Eighteen internal facilitators were certified and then trained over 600 business leaders in coaching skills.

“I walked in thinking this would be a “fluff” course. It was not. Incredibly informative, interactive and practical. It relates directly to my role.”

“It was fantastic, the best training I have attended in a long time. You created a safe place for us to learn, share and have light bulb moments! I’m impressed with the ease at which I can transfer this approach to the workplace. Will definitely recommend this program to our leaders.”

“As a leader it was great to know that I don’t have to have the solution all the time. I can coach my colleagues to create the way forward.”

“I now have a greater respect for leading with questions rather than coming to staff with my opinion on next steps. It is a great method to develop my staff and also drive accountability.”

“I learned a lot about myself and my leadership style through this experience.”

“I particularly liked how we got to try out the model numerous times and receive feedback in the moment from the facilitator.”

This organization embraced coaching as a method to engage, develop and empower their employees while driving accountability at the appropriate levels.