Having never previously worked with a coach, I was uncertain and somewhat skeptical going in of the value I’d get from the time invested.

I must say now, though, that it has been the best investment in my 18 year career. Loretta’s ability to engage, understand and identify opportunities for both my leadership and my personal growth was fantastic. While at times, so much personal reflection was exhausting, it was worth every minute!

Vice President, Financial Industry
I am now able to leverage both my skills and those of my team in a more strategic and deliberate way to create very different dynamics, relationships, and outcomes.

I would recommend this coaching experience to all leaders. I always leave you feeling inspired.

Director, Health Care
Coaching helped me step back to take an objective view and be more mindful in how I am approaching problem solving.

It has enabled me to be easier on myself and freed me up to consider many ways to achieve results. I also have increased confidence in my capabilities to take my career in a strategic direction.

Director, Marketing
Working one-on-one with Loretta has been very rewarding and motivating.

Her energy is infectious, genuine and encouraging and I have quickly seen the benefits in my leadership skills, my promotion prospects and my quality of life. Thanks to her effective guidance and insights I was able to achieve several of my professional goals. In fact, over the 3 year duration I’ve been working with Loretta, I have been promoted twice, from a Senior Manager to my current role as Vice President, and each time moved to a different area of the business. Loretta is an outstanding coach who takes a head, heart and hands approach to our coaching sessions. I can’t thank her enough for the ongoing support she provides me. I highly recommend her to help you reach your highest potential.

Vice President, Financial Industry
I want to thank you for making yourself available to speak with me last night.

I really needed someone to talk to and as usual you continue to amaze me in how incredible an active listener you are and your ability to bring clarity and simplicity to what sometimes feels like a complex situation.

Vice President, Technology
Loretta created the ideal space for me to grow and develop – she helped me get clear on my needs, skills and thought processes, and challenged me to stretch myself.

She is one of the most supportive, understanding and non-judgmental individuals I’ve worked with in my career, and at the same time she is direct and honest with her observations. This was such a personalized experience – I have learned so much and have made lasting change.

Manager, Education
Executive coaching has had a tremendous impact on my career and will continue to have lasting effect.

My greatest take away from my experience with Loretta is a better understanding of my strengths and the importance of being compassionate towards myself, transitioning from a self-judging state of mind to a learning framework where I am now able to more clearly understand my potential and make better decisions for my professional future. Shortly after my coaching experience I was promoted to Managing Director following a very competitive process. I am thankful to Loretta for accompanying me through this important period in my career, and most importantly, for teaching me critical techniques that will allow me to successfully perform at an executive level while remaining connected with my inner-self.

Managing Director, Global Financial Services
When I started this journey with you, I have to admit, I was wondering if coaching services would be of value to me.

And now, a year later, I am very grateful that HR suggested we engage a coach. You have been very supportive, professional, unbiased, and an excellent coach. I am amazed at how well you listen, can synthesize what you hear and share it with me in such a clear and concise manner. Not only was this experience an excellent opportunity for me to reflect on my behaviours but you also provided me with tools and techniques that I will be able to use both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. I have become a better and stronger person!

Vice President, Retail
As a coach you are very perceptive and at the same time thoughtful and kind.

You’ve quickly come to know me and given the honest feedback I need.  I have deeply reflected on all our sessions and have grown as a leader.  Coaching has helped me empower my team so I can operate at a higher level.

Director, Financial Industry