Constructively Leveraging Conflict

How much is poorly managed conflict costing you and your organization?

We’ve all witnessed how mismanaged conflict causes issues to become bigger, resentment and disengagement to build, silos to be erected, information sharing to decline and people to feel powerless in their ability to impact critical business issues – not to mention how the associated stress can impact overall health of the individuals and the organization.

Constructively Leveraging Conflict will help you

  • Consider which of the five approaches to conflict management is your primary way of operating
  • Isolate and learn how to manage any personal triggers that work against you when in conflict situations
  • Build your emotional intelligence to increase your resilience and creativity in response to conflict
  • Learn an effective process and grow capabilities for constructively leveraging conflict to achieve productive, and possibly even breakthrough outcomes
  • Create an action plan to apply your learning and increase your confidence when managing conflict.

About The Coaching Edge

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.


We help leaders operate from a place of conscious choice about how they are being with themselves, others and their environments.  This is especially important when it comes to effective conflict management and the ability to influence productive outcomes.

Through our process, leaders are able to deliver optimal results with greater agility, ease and overall well-being.

The typical leader spends 25-40% of his or her time dealing with workplace conflicts.

That’s one to two days of every work week.

What would it be like to manage conflict in a way to objectively engage differences of opinion, build effective working relationships and help move the business forward?

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