Mindful Leadership

  • Increase your Self-Awareness
  • Decrease Mental Distractions
  • Operate with Greater Impact and Ease

Are you managing your mind or is your mind managing you?

  • Think about it, in any given moment, including the critical ones, are you actively managing your mental effectiveness?
  • Do you find yourself distracted, ruminating or emotionally charged for periods of time?
  • Is technology helping or hindering your mental function?
  • Do you feel like you are running through your day on auto-pilot?
  • Are you having the kind of impact that you want?
  • Are you happy with your quality of life?

The Mindful Leadership Program

Based on neuroscience, The Mindful Leadership Program assists leaders in better managing themselves and the demands of today’s workplace resulting in greater leadership and personal effectiveness.

Leaders and their teams are operating in environments of increasing pace with overwhelming amounts of information and expectations of instant response. They are challenged to think creatively, influence others and mobilize solutions quickly. Stress, loss of focus, ineffective relationships and mismanaged conflict can come at great costs to leaders and the organization.

Mindful Leadership Impact

Mindful Leadership can help you

  • Increase your focus and productivity
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence
  • Improve your relationship with yourself, and with others
  • Better manage stress and achieve greater overall well-being
  • Create a mindset to be innovative
  • Manage your life more effectively

In this program you will learn a number of mindful techniques to cultivate presence and build resilience, and create an action plan to become a more mindful leader.

About The Coaching Edge

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor Frankl

We help leaders operate from a place of conscious choice about how they are being with themselves, others and their environments.

Through this process, leaders are able to deliver optimal results with greater agility, ease and overall well-being.


These techniques allow me to successfully perform at an executive level while remaining connected with my inner-self.

Managing Director, Financial Services

I now take an objective view and am more mindful in how I approach problem solving.

Director, Marketing

Do you want to increase your mental effectiveness and get success in business and life?

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