High Potential Learning Circles

Are you looking for a cost effective way to maximize the development and readiness of High Potential Talent?
High Potential Learning Circles combine leadership topics with facilitated discussion in a safe learning environment to foster active skill application, integrated learning and broader organizational insights with small groups of emerging leaders. Leaders are accountable to apply their learning and return to report their results at the following session.
This is a customized program strategically formulated to address the needs of your high potential leaders and workplace dynamics. It is delivered over a series of months to incorporate action learning. It can be combined with assessment tools and 1:1 coaching programs to optimize individual development and results.

About The Coaching Edge

Talent management deserves as much attention as financial capital management in corporations.

Jack Welch
Our offering enables leaders to target core leadership skills that help them to thrive in the 21st century business world.
These programs develop key skills for successful leadership, and they create a readiness for leaders to step into learning as they are leading.
What are the key skills your top talent needs to develop for future success?
Would you like a High Potential Development Program that delivers the results you are looking for?
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