Advancing Leadership Effectiveness

  • Enabling Greater Insight and Impact
  • Building Agility and Resilience
  • Transforming Leaders and Teams
Executive Coach Toronto

Advancing Leadership Effectiveness

  • Enabling Greater Insight and Impact
  • Building Agility and Resilience
  • Transforming Leaders and Teams

How we do it

Based in Toronto, our executive coaching and leadership development programs create trusting learning environments where leaders can share without judgment and work with deeper levels of awareness.
This enables strategic shifts in thinking and practical skill advancement aligned with development and desired outcomes. It is where the real growth and transformation begin.
Are you a LEADER who wants…
  • an objective, non-judgmental partner to aid your overall success?
  • to feel more skillful and creative when navigating uncertainty?
  • to develop your executive presence and strategically influence results?
  • to hone your emotional intelligence to better manage yourself and engage others?
  • to fully leverage your strengths, and become aware of any blind spots, and how to best manage them?
  • to develop a clear, focused mindset to optimize your impact?
  • to incorporate strategies to manage your health and well-being so you can continue to operate at your best?
  • to operate with greater agility and ease increasing your resilience and resourcefulness?
Are you an ORGANIZATION who needs…
  • your leaders to inspire and drive change while engaging and supporting employees?
  • to fuel collaboration and agility to create the best way forward?
  • regular feedback to become a natural way of operating, learning and achieving optimal results?
  • to improve how you manage complexity and uncertainty?
  • conflict to be seen as objective differences of opinion that are a gateway to innovation and superior results?
  • your leaders to cultivate a clear focused mindset and broader awareness in order to target what is most important?
  • to maximize the development and retention your top talent?
We can help you operate with greater clarity, impact and ease

About The Coaching Edge

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

John F. Kennedy
The Coaching Edge creates the space for leaders and teams to learn and transform while increasing access to their own wisdom. We help leaders obtain a clear, focused mindset, hone their emotional intelligence and operate with greater purpose, impact and ease.
According to the recent Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, if leaders were taught “how to learn” instead of “what to learn”, they would be able to stay relevant in the current, extremely changeable business environment.
At The Coaching Edge, we believe there needs to be a blend of both, with an emphasis on how leaders are engaging with and learning from their environments.  We partner with our clients to create the ideal solution to advance development and performance in this 21st century business world.

How to Get Started

Needs Assessment

We schedule a time to gain an in depth understanding of your needs

Solution Recommendation

Based on your situation and objectives we recommend the services and optimal delivery method

Program Delivery

We deliver the services to best help you achieve your objectives

Measure Impact

We work with you to assess the impact of our services.


I’m continually amazed by how Loretta brings clarity and simplicity to what sometimes seems like a complex situation.
Vice President,   Technology Industry
You’ve provided me with tools and techniques that I will be able to use both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. I have become a better and stronger person.
Vice President,   Retail Industry
Your coaching has helped me empower my team so I can operate at a higher level.
Director,   Financial Industry

A Few of Our clients

How prepared are you for the challenges of today and the future?
  • Rapid change, increasing complexity, market and technological shifts
  • Mobilizing talent quickly around a clear strategy
  • Less ability to predict and execute in a straight line
  • Balancing collaboration with fast paced decision making
  • How to be innovative
Don’t wait to realize your potential and that of your organization.  

Our executive coaching and leadership development programs accelerate the development of leaders and advance individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

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