Online Leadership Lab

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Do you want to lead with greater impact and ease?

Of course you do, but the REAL question is how?

Leadership Lab

By the Coaching Edge

There are many online leadership courses on offer, but do they give you a hands on way to increase your leadership impact and operate with greater ease?

The Leadership Lab is designed to give you strategies and tools to grow your leadership through experimentation and practical application. These are short yet impactful lessons with a specific focus. We make it easy to take bite size learning and put it into action as you continue to build your expertise through each module of the program.

And, accountability has been built into the Leadership Lab to help you drive your growth and results.

About the Trainer

Loretta, the founder of The Coaching Edge, has been working with leaders for over two decades and has also been a successful leader in the corporate world. Through her experience she has identified the most common roadblocks that challenge leaders and has designed practical solutions to make your life easier and your leadership more impactful.
Would you like to feel more resourceful in the moment and trust your abilities?

Build Effective Leadership Skills

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.

John Maxwell
Whether you are a seasoned leader looking to evolve your leadership or new to leadership, the online Leadership Lab will help you build your leadership skills in a targeted and effective manner through:

  • Easy to access online learning
  • Real time development for busy leaders
  • Learning at your own pace while maintaining momentum
  • Practical exercises, guides and tools for you to immediately put into action
  • Strategically designed learning blocks that deepen your skills

Designed to Optimize Development and Outcomes

Loretta has designed these programs in a way to connect with your world and give you simple tools that applied with intention will optimize your development and outcomes. And who doesn’t want that – a strategically designed learning experience that has you experiment with techniques that you make your own and yield meaningful results. You will also be guided in a way to measure and appreciate your growth along the way.
Don’t miss out on a practical, affordable learning experience that could make a difference in your leadership and life.
If you are a leader
focused on your growth
If you want online training for a number of leaders