Leading Skillfully through Change and Innovation

Increase your confidence and ability to lead change and innovation

The degree of complexity and uncertainty that accompanies change and innovation is demanding a different style of leadership – one that does not have all the answers but has the ability to engage and create the way forward. With the desire for innovation and degree of change upon us, this is a critical competency for leaders now and in future.

Leading Skillfully through Change and Innovation will help you

  • Understand the key leadership qualities to successfully lead change and innovation
  • Consider the importance of mindset, along with what is working and what needs to shift in your leadership style and presence
  • Practice these qualities while completing an innovation exercise with your peers
  • Create an action plan to accelerate your skill development and lead change and innovation within your organization

About The Coaching Edge

Transformation comes more from pursuing profound questions than seeking practical answers.

Peter Block

We create trusting learning environments where leaders can share without judgment and work with deeper levels of awareness to enable strategic shifts aligned with development and desired outcomes.

This is where real growth and transformation begin.

“84% of executives say that innovation is important to their growth strategy, yet only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance”


How confident are you leading through change and innovation?

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