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Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching
A confidential coach can help executives grow their leadership capacity. Leadership can be lonely at the top. All eyes are on the performance of the executive and often times the higher up the position, the fewer resources to aid personal growth. And there can be a lack of awareness or hesitation to request that support. Areas of coaching may focus on increasing self awareness, developing leadership style, clarifying goals, building strong teams, creating sound action plans, effectively dealing with change, driving performance, managing conflict, advancing personal growth, and the list continues. Each coaching engagement is designed around the needs of the client and organization.

Assimilation Coaching
The first 90 days are critical for any leader entering a new organization. Understanding your individual leadership style and how that aligns with the culture and values of the organization is a good starting point. The coach then works with the leader to co-design ways to be most effective and gain the support of his or her new team while also remaining true to who they are. Assimilation coaching may also be used when there is a significant change in job while remaining with the same company. For instance, when a transition occurs from individual contributor to leader, especially when the individual was part of the team they are now managing.

Career Coaching
Matching the aspirations and natural talents of individuals to critical jobs is not only important to employee satisfaction, it is critical to retaining your top talent. Career coaching will help your high potentials uncover their strengths, values and what they enjoy most while also helping them identify and close gaps. One additional benefit - when a position is aligned with the strengths and interests of the individual, performance is known to skyrocket.

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